Gold Bar Bouldering Access

I thought this would be a good time to mention that there has been a major change in land ownership of Gold Bar in Washington.  In February I had the privilege of looking at proposed use maps that were created in 2013 and made present in late winter of this year to determine a designated […]

Jess, Nate and Meghan at Silver Star.

Best Bouldering Weather Forecasts for the Gorge

Need a Climbing Forecast?   If anyone out there in Portland or the Gorge needs to know if you are going to get soaked at the rock, waste time driving out to soggy boulders, or just wants a good, reliable forecast for the Gorge, I highly recommend checking out Temira’s blog called The Gorge is […]

Hamilton Mountain Bouldering

New Bouldering Area in Cascade Locks

  Cascade Locks Bouldering Just Got a Lot Bigger There is a new bouldering area in Cascade Locks that has some pretty stout lines and some very large boulders compared to the nearby Cascade Boulders. Nothing against Cascade Boulders, it’s a great spot to boulder. The new area has over 70 established “boulders” that went […]

The Pyramid Rock Boulders

Bouldering Near Vancouver, Washington

The bouldering Near Vancouver Washington is pretty good.  Larch Mountain is the go-to area for most bouldering aficionados who live in the Vancouver/Portland metro but a lot of other areas exist within a short drive of ‘The Couve’.  This post is about one of those areas that rests high above the Columbia not far from […]

OR Boulders

Bouldering in Oregon near Parkdale

Bouldering in Oregon is always a surprise to me.  I was out near Parkdale a long time ago bouldering and decided to post a bit about an area above the West Fork of the Hood River.  If you drive south of Hood River and head towards the shadow of Mt Hoods northeast face you will […]

gorge rock

The Gorge Bouldering and Beyond

  A Trip to The Wave The Gorge bouldering experience is one that always surprises me. We’ve had some extreme weather here in the Columbia Gorge just outside Portland but that hasn’t stopped a lot of us from going out bouldering or climbing. The Portland bouldering scene is improving greatly.  The past few weeks has […]

Sugar Cubes Hood River

Bouldering at the Sugar Cubes near Mt Hood

    I got out yesterday and was bouldering at the Sugar Cubes, a newish bouldering area near Mt Hood.  The area is a short way from the West Fork bouldering area, an area that is a bit more popular and a little better known.  I’m fairly certain that this will be one of the last […]

Mt Hood bouldering

Mt Hood Skiing and Bouldering

Skiing and Bouldering We had a great opportunity to do some climbing and skiing on Mount Hood this week followed by some bouldering on the way home at Boulder Mountain. The weather has been awesome in Portland and my friends John and Courtney were visiting. We decided to skip heading down to the American Alpine […]

columbia river gorge bouldering

Autumn Bouldering near the Columbia River Gorge

Got out to do some Autumn Bouldering near the Columbia River Gorge this week.  The leaves are in full bloom and the weather is actually holding out.  Wetness in the Northwest has been oozing from the sky and bullets of moisture have targeted the boulders near Portland.  I half expected to find sopping boulders that […]

Boulder near Morpheus

Morpheus Creek Bouldering

The Morpheus Creek Bouldering area is a very cool newish area near Seattle.  The Seattle bouldering scene has exploded in the past two years as climbers are finding some of the older, hidden climbing and bouldering spots that have gone off the radar for more than a decade and finding completely new, unexplored areas.  Some […]