Mount Hood Bouldering

Bouldering Near Mount Hood

  Had a great session of bouldering near Mount Hood recently.  Although I am, by no means the first to boulder at these spots, I have met some climbers who have sporadically traveled to these areas but most have left them forgotten and overgrown a bit in the past few years.  I have been fortunate […]

City of Boulders area.

More Lost City: Bouldering Outside Portland

Boulder Mountain and Lost City This week me, Jess, Mia and Khloe got out to explore some of the fantastic, pocketed rock at this area that is located about a half mile from another group of boulders I posted about about recently.  The Lost City is a sub area  of a large area called Boulder Mountian.  Lost City is a spot […]

Portland Area Bouldering

Bouldering up the Columbia Gorge

Had a fun day last week bouldering up the Columbia Gorge. A short drive from Portland I found some new rock that kind of resembles Larch Mountains boulders a little bit.  Some of the rock is very clean, unfortunately I took no photos of those and quite frankly due to low light, got some pretty […]

Hot Chip V3

Bouldering at the Lost City: Boulders Outside Portland, OR

Shortie   After work I got a short bit of bouldering at the Lost City in today.  The area is a short drive from Portland and is in the running for some of the best rock  within under an hours drive of PDX’s metro. Bouldering in Portland is getting better and better with age.  This […]


Bouldering near Hood River

Bouldering near Hood River, Oregon last week was great.  We got out on some very nice boulders and had a great afternoon.  If you haven’t explored the Hood River vicinity it’s definitely worth the short drive from Portland to climb here.  If you are tired of the usual areas some of the stone near the […]

larch boulders

Larch Mountain Bouldering

Larch Mountian Bouldering area is in Washington, not Oregon.  It’s easy for climbers from Portland to confuse that because there is a Larch in Oregon on the other side fo the Columbia River but bouldering there is not as good as what you will find on Larch Mt in Washington, just outside Vancouver.  This area […]

northwest bouldering

Pacific Northwest Bouldering Just Got Bigger

Due to an incredible amount of new areas we explored this winter and spring we are adding a lot more to the Pacific Northwest Bouldering guidebook.  We estimate the book will be out by early summer and have nearly 500 pages of color goodness: topos, routes, pictures, and info on a lot of bouldering areas […]