New Bouldering Area in Cascade Locks

Diamond Cutter Boulder

Diamond Cutter Boulder


Cascade Locks Bouldering Just Got a Lot Bigger

There is a new bouldering area in Cascade Locks that has some pretty stout lines and some very large boulders compared to the nearby Cascade Boulders. Nothing against Cascade Boulders, it’s a great spot to boulder. The new area has over 70 established “boulders” that went in this past winter at that one area alone.  This new area is in Cascade Locks and is not to be confused with the Cascade Boulders which is a different bouldering area nearby.  We have also developed an area called the Labyrinth, and Micah Klesich, Jess Holzman and myself developed an area called Druden Forest, named by Micah because it resembles a Tolkienien forest and surrounding;  you might  even see a Hobbit.  The problem above is an awesome crack line that sweeps up to a steep finish with a challenging exit move.  The hand crack is a prime line and much different than other areas around Bridge of the Gods.  Some true highballs like this are commonplace at this area with problems ranging from V0- to V9 with a V11 project still standing.  I honestly can’t compare this area nor the other new spots to anything at Cascade Boulders as it is a totally different feel, style climbing and large boulders.  And best of all, no talus!


Upper Kueffler Road Bouldering

Jess Holzman bouldering high above Beacon Rock

Jess Holzman bouldering high above Beacon Rock



A lot of climbers have been visiting Hamilton in Beacon Rocks State Park which has fantastic bouldering.  Last summer, fall and winter,  myself,  Micah Klesick, Aaron Vitt, Hans Krossen, and Jess Holzman have been putting up some fun problems at Upper Kueffler boulders above Beacon Rock.  I would like to acknowledge that Tymun Abott  has also bouldered at this area.   My friend Mica has been nice enough to share this awesome area on Mountain Project if anyone wants to check it out.  I also have a map posted here to get anyone to the boulders because if you boulder in Portland, this is one of the best areas you could dream of.  It’s like Leavenworth quality in Portland, no shit!  The only other area that is similar to this is lost City and the Cirque Which both are really similar to the boulders here.  This area could benefit from more boulders but you can always do this in a day with Horse Camp or Three-Corner Rock.


Micah Klesick on an area V7 classic.

Micah Klesick on an area V7 classic.



From Beacon Rock take Upper Kueffler Road way up to the crest of the mountain. This is just after the hairpin after Jimmy Cliff climbing area. Be very careful with logging trucks that frequently drive down the hill. They are usually very attentive but don’t count on this. There is a two-car pulloff and a faint trail on the opposite side and the boulders are only a few minutes walk uphill. Park far enough off the road to leave way for logging trucks, ATVs or whatever might  pass by. If there is not enough room, drive back to a short dead-end pull in a few hundred feet back and park there.



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    • Hi Matt, I will send an email to you as soon as I can pinpoint it on GE. Basically it’s right off I-84 at Bridge of the Gods just before the Bridge of the God’s exit.

  1. Rich, sorry I just saw this. Havn’t logged in in awhile. It’s right above Herman Creek, the spot you are looking for but I think you were already up there?? If not let me know I can send you GPS as it’s kind of tucked away in the mountain.

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