Northwest bouldering guidebookThis is the first of its kind for the Northwest climber.  All areas are access friendly and located on
public lands that specifically allow climbing or accept bouldering on their property. This guidebook is a compilation of the best bouldering areas in Washington and Oregon with an emphasis on rich history, detailed photos, topos, and beta for the high quality granite, sandstone, basalt, and high-quality rock types in the region. This book is a must-have for anyone who boulders in the Western United States.

Some of the areas included are Bellingham, Mt Erie, Leavenworth, Gold Bar, Index, Lake Wenatchee, Entiat, North Bend/Middle Fork Bouldering, The Bettermilks, Larch Mountain, Lost Lake, Lost City, and many more. Over 55 areas are included. From the massive giants of The Bettermilks in Central Oregon to the beachside bouldering in Bellingham above the cool waters of the Puget Sound you’ll find something new to boulder on nearly every page.


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About the Guidebook

This is the first comprehensive bouldering guidebook for the Pacific Northwest. The guide includes many areas throughout the Northwest that have never before been published.   It has a comprehensive section for bouldering in Portland, Oregon and acts as a standalone guidebook to Portland, Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington including 30 areas never before in print.  The book also includes Leavenworth and features new areas in Leavenworth, Index, Gold Bar and the surrounding region.  Bellingham, Mt Erie, and numerous areas near Seattle that have never been in print are also included.  The book includes comprehensive beta on North Bend, WA and many new areas in the Washington Cascades.  We are excited to also feature The Bettermilks bouldering area in Central Oregon.  An area that climbers from the Northwest have been anxiously awaiting directions and beta to. Several other Central Oregon bouldering areas are also included with beta for Bend and the Central Oregon Cascades.




  • Washngton, Oregon, and More
  • Topos, history, and maps
  • Detailed route descriptions
  • First and only comprehensive guide for the Northwest
  • Over 55 Bouldering areas in the Pacific Northwest



Full Color on Every Page

Bellingham bouldering northwest boulders


Climbing Guidebook App

This guidebook will also be available as a  guidebook app for iPhone, Android and other smartphones later this year.  You can view interactive topos, maps, GPS, beta, photos, and much more.  The guidebook will be available in individual sections of the Pacific Northwest.
northwest bouldering guidebook


  1. Interactive guidebook
  2. Detailed GPS and maps; works all the time even without cell coverage.
  3. Interactive topos.
  4. Track your problems.
  5. Easy to navigate areas.
  6. Additional bouldering circuits.
  7. Additional areas and problems.







    • Thank’s for the kind words. We’re are finishing up some last details and should have our sample chapter out soon. Other than that jsut wrapping up odds and ends and looking to finally finish this thing. I will keeep you posted

  1. Any update on when this guide will be available either online or in-store? Would love to pick one up. Thanks!

  2. Hey Rob just met you at the gym in NE looking forward to getting your guide. Thanks for all the info to the surrounding areas. Hope all is well.

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