Best Bouldering Weather Forecasts for the Gorge

Need a Climbing Forecast?

Bouldering high above the Columbia Gorge.


If anyone out there in Portland or the Gorge needs to know if you are going to get soaked at the rock, waste time driving out to soggy boulders, or just wants a good, reliable forecast for the Gorge, I highly recommend checking out Temira’s blog called The Gorge is my Gym.  I’m sure a lot of you already know about this awesome resource, I know most people I climb with do, but if not certainly check it out.  There is also a ton of information there on Mountain Biking, Hiking, Road Biking and a lot more.  It’s a great resource for anybody visiting the Columbia Gorge.


Here is a link to Temira’s Gorge is my Gym Blog


Climbing Weather is Back

Speaking of forecasts, I’m sure if you are like me you are salivating at the recent weather that is predicted for this upcoming week and the last week in April.  Bouldering weather is finally here and hopefully this won’t be summer.  This is an awesome week to get out and check out some of the Northwests areas.  If anyone has any good pictures when you get out, please send them to me and I’d be glad to post them.




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