Hamilton Mountain Bouldering

New Bouldering Area in Cascade Locks

  Cascade Locks Bouldering Just Got a Lot Bigger There is a new bouldering area in Cascade Locks that has some pretty stout lines and some very large boulders compared to the nearby Cascade Boulders. Nothing against Cascade Boulders, it’s a great spot to boulder. The new area has over 70 established “boulders” that went […]

gorge rock

The Gorge Bouldering and Beyond

  A Trip to The Wave The Gorge bouldering experience is one that always surprises me. We’ve had some extreme weather here in the Columbia Gorge just outside Portland but that hasn’t stopped a lot of us from going out bouldering or climbing. The Portland bouldering scene is improving greatly.  The past few weeks has […]

City of Boulders area.

More Lost City: Bouldering Outside Portland

Boulder Mountain and Lost City This week me, Jess, Mia and Khloe got out to explore some of the fantastic, pocketed rock at this area that is located about a half mile from another group of boulders I posted about about recently.  The Lost City is a sub area  of a large area called Boulder Mountian.  Lost City is a spot […]

Hot Chip V3

Bouldering at the Lost City: Boulders Outside Portland, OR

Shortie   After work I got a short bit of bouldering at the Lost City in today.  The area is a short drive from Portland and is in the running for some of the best rock  within under an hours drive of PDX’s metro. Bouldering in Portland is getting better and better with age.  This […]