Pacific Northwest Bouldering Just Got Bigger

Due to an incredible amount of new areas we explored this winter and spring we are adding a lot more to the Pacific Northwest Bouldering guidebook.  We estimate the book will be out by early summer and have nearly 500 pages of color goodness: topos, routes, pictures, and info on a lot of bouldering areas in the Northwest.

northwest bouldering

This area we visited near Seattle has a long-standing history but is an area that sees little traffic at all.  There are some true gems out there in the Washington Mountainsides.  It’s hard to believe such great boulders can be found 30 minutes from the Seattle metro but here you go.  We hit these boulders during winter but made it back in May to explore some of the rock in the lower Snoqualime Pass region.  With great areas like this we decided to add a pretty good amount to the page count of the guide.  We spent a lot of time in Cle Elum, Roslyn’s hillsides, Snoqualime, lake Easton, and a lot of other areas on the I-90 corridor.  We also bouldered a lot of days in and around the Seattle area getting some grades on some of the older classics that have fallen into obscurity over the past few decades.  It’s great to see that there is a lot of potential for some newer lines still hidden in the mountains off I-90.

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